Sales terms


Published prices and final invoices are in Euro. For European Union countries prices are always VAT included. For countries outside of the European Union prices are exempt from VAT and do not include import duties, which must be paid upon delivery.
Amount charged on credit card or bank account may change because of currency fluctuations and bank charges. Nonogiorno s.r.l encourages clients to contact their home bank to receive the accurate price conversion and any bank commission related to the transaction. 

Orders with available articles ship in three days from order date. In case of particular problems, delivery can be postponed. Please note that there may be delays during promotions and sales periods.

While placing an order the client establishes a business relationship with Nonogiorno s.r.l. and agrees to accept the delivery of the order.
If the customer refuses the delivery of the package or requires the return to sender,  any shipping charges debited to Nonogiorno s.r.l, will be deducted from any refund.


Upon delivery of every order, customers are asked to inspect the box carefully before signing for the delivery. If the packaging looks to be damaged, customers are asked to sign with reservation or refuse the delivery. If the delivery has been accepted with an unauthorized signature or the packaging is damaged, open a claim immediately with the courier and contact Nonogiorno at If the package is not successfully delivered to the Client's address due to a lack of cooperation from the client (wrong telephone number, wrong address, absent at address, non-compliance with import regulations), the package may risk being sent back to Italy at the Client's expense including any import fees that may be assessed upon re-entry to Italy. These fees will be deducted from any eventual reimbursement.


Once an order is placed for available items no changes can be made to that order. Orders placed separately will be shipped separately. Nonogiorno s.r.l. reserves the right to delay a shipment if the order is not able to be shipped for reasons beyond control. Please note that there may be delays during promotions and sales periods. Nonogiorno s.r.l. can refuse an order or not provide a service to anyone at any time.


Clients registered to Nonogiorno’s newsletter or to Nonogiorno Facebook Fan Page receive  news  about promotions and promo codes to be entered during order purchase. Each code has a validity start and an end date. The promo code time limits cannot be extended. Promo codes cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions. 

Nonogiorno s.r.l  declines all responsibility if, due to a particular configuration or a malfunction of the computer used by the customer, colors of products shown on the website are slightly different from the original ones. Images published on the web site belong to Nonogiorno s.r.l, any unauthorized use of these images without Nonogiorno s.r.l. express written permission, is strictly forbidden and any offender will be prosecuted according to the law. For more information contact:

The website shows the actual availability of the product with the color and size requested. Once the order is processed by the Orders Department, Nonogiorno s.r.l reserves the right to re-confirm the availability of the merchandise, verify the transaction validity and check the details of previous orders made by the customer. If the items are not available or the order cannot be processed as per customer's requests Nonogiorno s.r.l. will promptly get in contact with the customer.

This notice contains the terms and legal conditions that govern the website Accessing the website users agree to respect all the conditions included in this declaration. If Users do not accept these terms, Nonogiorno s.r.l reserves the right to ask the Users to refrain from using the website Access to the website and its services is for personal use only. The visualization of the website provides customers with product information and the possibility to purchase merchandise.

Nonogiorno s.r.l  is the owner of the web site and its contents. This includes documents, images, fonts, design, music, software, codes and format scripts. Materials contained in is protected by copyright. Reproduction, alteration, transmission, republication and / or redistribution at third parties for business purposes is strictly prohibited without Nonogiorno s.r.l written permission. Nonogiorno s.r.l  does not allow the use of contents or brand for any purpose different than that mentioned above.

This website was created and published by Nonogiorno s.r.l  to offer a service exclusively for its own customers. Products sold in are destined to end-customers. By “End Customer” Nonogiorno s.r.l. intends person or persons not buying products for their trade, business or profession or a legal subject that does not re-sell the products bought. Nonogiorno s.r.l encourages users that cannot be considered as end customers to contact Nonogiorno s.r.l at for possible collaborations.

To place orders clients must: 
- Be the final consumer as defined by Nonogiorno s.r.l. ;
- Be 18 years or older;
- Be eligible and competent to enter legally binding contracts. 
- Have a valid e-mail address. 
- Have a valid credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover), bank account or PayPal account for payments.


Nonogiorno s.r.l  publishes information on its website to provide a service to customers, but declines every responsibility for eventual technical inaccuracy and / or typographical errors. Immediate correction will be executed once the error is brought to attention. Nonogiorno s.r.l reserves the right to make any correction and change to the website when necessary without giving prior notice. Nonogiorno s.r.l does not offer any guaranty that the information published on its website is in conformity with the laws of the User’s competent jurisdiction. is a protected website according to international Internet standards. If it is used correctly, users can be reassured not to encounter viruses. However Nonogiorno s.r.l declines all responsibility for any problems, damage, viruses or risks that may be incurred during the misuse of the website and declines all responsibility for any malfunctions of the website caused by the deactivation of "cookies" in the User’s browser. Users must accept this legal notice terms and conditions, and must be sure to periodically visit and read these pages for updates, changes and corrections. Nonogiorno s.r.l reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions contained in this legal notice when necessary, without giving prior notice.

The website, in adhering to Italian law, states: “Entering this website the User and Nonogiorno s.r.l. agree that the laws and the regulations of the Italian State will enforce any question pertinent to the use of the website. Nonogiorno s.r.l  does not guarantees that this website's contents comply with the legislation in other countries. Access to the website from countries where contents are illegal is expressly prohibited. Users who choose to access this website from these countries are fully aware of the legal consequences and penalties that they are likely to incur."



Standard for purchases on is secure and guaranteed at 100%. 


All payments on are secure and safe. Either you prefer to pay with Paypal or you decide to pay with credit card (without additional cost) or with bank transfer, your personal data will be processed  via encrypted protocol, without any third party interference.


For credit card payments Nonogiorno uses SSL system. At the order confirmation details of the credit card will be transferred to the credit card operator, using encrypted secure SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer) for authorization and money debit. This is a safe and free-risk method that protects clients from any possible abuse. Thanks to this system, Nonogiorno s.r.l is not able to see in any way the number of the credit card.

Nonogiorno s.r.l reserves the right to ask for additional information or copies of documents showing the ownership of the credit card used. Nonogiorno s.r.l will not proceeds the order if the customer does not provide the requested information.
Accepted credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Aura. 


Customers can use PayPal and pay by credit card or from PayPal personal account.
With this payment method we accept all major credit cards and prepaid cards recorded at the PayPal system. Your financial data will not be shared with Nonogiorno s.r.l but will be managed by PayPal systems.
If the order is cancelled (by the customer or by Nonogiorno s.r.l) the amount will be credited to the personal PayPal account. Nonogiorno s.r.l  will not be responsible for delays occurred during the refund.


Bank transfer must be addressed to:

Nonogiorno s.r.l – Viale dell’industria 8 - 35010 Curtarolo (Pd) – ITALIA

UNICREDIT - Piazzola Sul Brenta

IBAN Code:


The merchandise will then be reserved for the order and shipped once the funds are deposited in Nonogiorno’s bank account. 

Shipping charges

Your orders are processed by Nonogiorno’s Logistic Dpt in a safe way. Your orders are shipped using the best courier specialized in fragile shipping and  will be delivered to the address specified in the order.


Shipping fees vary depending on the value of the order:


0 € – 99 €

5,90 €

100 € – 250 €


250 € – 350 €


>350 €



In case of special promotions or promo codes, shipping fees will be calculated on the value of the order prior the application of the promotion discount.


  1. Nonogiorno Collection 

Value Order

Zone A

Zone B

0 € – 99 €



100 € – 250 €



250 € – 350 €



>350 €



In case of special promotions or promo codes, shipping fees will be calculated on the value of the order prior the application of the promotion discount.


  1. Atelier 9G:

Contact us for custom delivery options and fees.


  1. Nonogiorno Collection


Value Order

Zone C

Zone D

Zone E

0 € – 99 €




100 € – 250 €




250 € – 350 €




>350 €





 In case of special promotions or promo codes, shipping fees will be calculated on the value of the order prior the application of the promotion discount. 

Orders are exempt VAT (Value Added Tax) but are subject to import fees. Payment of these import fees is the sole responsibility of the Client.

As per International Laws regulating Commerce and Trade of imports and exports ALL NONOGIORNO orders are shipped out of Padova - Italy WITH AN OFFICIAL INVOICE declaring the exact total of merchandise purchased in Euro.


  1. Atelier 9G 

Contact us for custom delivery options and fees.

ZONE A:  Austria; Belgium; France; Germany; Luxemburg; Monaco; Netherlands; Isle of Man; United Kingdom; Spain; Danemark; Finland; Greece; Ireland; Portugal; Sweden.

ZONE B: Bulgaria;  Czech Republic; Ciprus; Croatia; Estonia; Lettonia; Lituania; Malta; Polonia;  Romania; Slovacchia; Slovenia; Ungheria

ZONE C: Albania; Andorra; Bielorussia; Bosnia-Erzegovina; Gibilterra; Guernsey; Islanda; Isole Canarie; Isole FærØe;Jersey;Kosovo;Liechtenstein;Macedonia;Moldavia;Montenegro;Norvegia;Serbia;Svizzera;Turchia;Ucraina;Alabama;Alaska;Arizona;Arkansas;California;Canada;Colorado;Connecticut;Delaware;District of Columbia;Florida;Georgia;Hawaii;Idaho;Illinois;Indiana;Iowa;Kansas;Kentucky;Louisiana;Maine;Maryland;Massachusetts;Michigan;Minnesota;Mississippi;Missouri;Montana;Nebraska;Nevada;New Hampshire;New Jersey;New Mexico;New York;Nord Carolina; Nord Dakota;Ohio;Oklahoma;Oregon;Pennsylvania;Rhode Island;Sud Carolina;Sud Dakota;Tennessee;Texas;Utah;Vermont;Virginia;Washington;West Virginia;Wisconsin;Wyomin

ZONE DBahrain;Brunei;Cina;Corea del Sud;Egitto;Emirati Arabi Uniti;Filippine; Giappone;Groenlandia;Hong Kong;India; Indonesia;Kuwait;Malesia;Messico; Russia;Singapore;Sri Lanka;Thailandia;Anguilla;Antigua e Barbuda;Arabia Saudita; Argentina;Aruba;Australia;Bahamas;Bangladesh;Barbados;Belize;Bermuda;Bolivia

Bonaire;Brasile;Cile;Colombia;Costa Rica;Curaçao; Dominica;Repubblica Dominicana;Ecuador;El Salvador;Figi;Giamaica;Grenada;Guadalupa;Guam; Guatemala;Guyana;Guyana Francese;Haiti;Honduras

Isole Cayman; Isole Vergini britanniche; Isole Vergini americane; Macao; Maldive; Martinica; Micronesia; Montserrat; Nevis; Nuova Caledonia; Nuova Zelanda; Oman; Pakistan; Palau; Panamá; Paraguay; Perù; Polinesia francese; Porto Rico; Qatar; Samoa americane; Samoa; Saint-Barthélemy; Saint Eustatius; Saint Kitts; Santa Lucia; Saint-Martin (Parte Olandese); Saint Vincent; Sudafrica; Suriname; Taiwan; Trinidad e Tobago; Uruguay; Venezuela; Afghanistan; Bhutan; Cambogia; Giordania; Iraq; Israele; Isole Marianne Settentrionali; Laos; Libano; Nepal; Nicaragua; Papua Nuova Guinea; Siria; Timor Est; Turks e Caicos; Vietnam;Yemen

ZONE E: Algeria; Angola; Armenia; Azerbaigian; Benin; Botswana; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Camerun; Capo Verde; Repubblica Centrafricana; Ciad; Comore; Repubblica del Congo; Rep. Dem. del Congo; Corea del Nord

Costa d'Avorio; Cuba; Eritrea; Etiopia; Gabon; Gambia; Georgia; Ghana; Gibuti; Guinea; Guinea Equatoriale

Guinea-Bissau; Iran; Isole Cook; Isole Falkland; Isole Marshall; Isole Salomone; Kazakistan; Kenya; Kiribati

Kirghizistan; Lesotho; Liberia; Libia; Madagascar; Malawi; Mali; Marocco; Mauritania; Mauritius; Mayotte

Mongolia; Mozambico; Myanmar (Ex Birmania); Namibia; Nauru; Niger; Nigeria; Niue; Réunion; Ruanda

São Tomé e Príncipe; Senegal; Seychelles; Sierra Leone; Somalia; Somaliland; Sudan; Swaziland

Tagikistan; Tanzania; Togo; Tonga; Tunisia; Tuvalu; Uganda; Uzbekistan; Vanuatu; Zambia; Zimbabwe

Return policy

The End-customer (person or persons not buying products for their own trade, business or profession) can ask for goods return and cancel the contract for any reason. Customers must send a return request to Nonogiorno s.r.l within 10 working days from receipt of delivery of the goods and fill in the authorization form sent by Nonogiorno s.r.l.
Return requests may be sent from the website using the request system (registered users have to login into their personal account, guest users have to fill in the order form), or by sending an e-mail to 
For more information on return of goods, please read the ASK FOR GOODS RETURN section.

Goods return terms:

  • The product must return undamaged with its original package and all its parts (including packaging, documents and accessories);
  • To avoid damage to the original packaging we recommend to use a second box. (the application of labels or tape on the original packaging of the product is forbidden);
  • Shipping is at customer’s charge;
  • Shipping is at customer’s responsibility until arrival of the product at our warehouse.

Nonogiorno s.r.l is not responsible in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned without insured delivery. Packages with cash on delivery or carriage forward will not be accepted.


Excluding any repair costs for assessed damages to the original packing, Nonogiorno s.r.l  will refund customers by bank transfer of the full amount paid. Customers will promptly provide their bank details (IBAN). 


Refund does not apply in case of:

  • Use or partial use of the good;
  • External and / or internal packaging lack;
  • Product elements lack;
  • Product damages for different reasons than the shipping.

In this cases Nonogiorno s.r.l will return the goods to sender and charge the shipping costs.


All communications or any complaints against Nonogiorno s.r.l should be addressed to the Customer Service by writing at:


Read more about visiting PRIVACY POLICY section.

Ask for goods return

Instructions for return

To request a return authorization (RAN), if the customer is logged he/her should send from the personal account the return request within 10 days from order receipt:
- sign in with the personal account and go to "My Orders" section
- select the order you want to return and click on "View Order"
- check the data and click on the upper right, on "Request Return"
- fill in the form that appears, specify which articles will be returned and if you prefer a rendered with refund, the change of the article or the creation of a credit that can be used for future purchases.

If the customer is not registered or the product was purchased without logging into the personal account, within 10 days of receiving the order the customer must login in Request for Goods Return:
- fill in the search module with the requested data indicated in the order confirmation email
- check that the data and click on the upper right, on "Request Refund"
- fill in the form that appears, specify which articles will be returned and if you prefer a rendered with refund, the change of the article or the creation of a credit that can be used for future purchases.

Alternatively, customers can send the request within 10 days from the order receipt, writing an email at indicating the order number (provided in the e-mail the order confirmation), name and surname used.

Once received the return request Nonogiorno s.r.l will send the customer a written confirmation containing the Return Authorization Number (RAN).

Please write the Return Authorization Number (RAN) outside of the box before shipping it. 

All shipment costs for returned goods is at customer’s charge. If you need help for shipment you could contact

The returning items must be received at Nonogiorno’s office within 10 days from the RAN receipt.

Privacy Policy

Nonogiorno srl., located in Viale dell’industria 8 B– 35010 Curtarolo (PD), Italy, creator and producer of the activities available in can use the personal data provided deliberately by users in complying to current regulations (Article 13 et seq. Legislative Decree 196/2003) 
Users are therefore invited to visit this page periodically to keep abreast of variations related to the current legislation.
Nonogiorno s.r.l  guarantees users that the personal data will be used for the supply of the services, site management and execution of orders. Data deliberately provided by users, will not be communicated or disclosed to third parties. 
Personal data will be processed by Nonogiorno s.r.l  using both paper and electronic instruments, complying to the current safety regulations. 
Users can exercise the rights in Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, reported below in its essential part. 
Users can request to Nonogiorno s.r.l the following information: 

1. Confirmation of the existence or not of personal data regarding the customer
2. Communication of data and its source 
3. The reason and finality of their existence and their use 

The request for the above information can be renewed with a minimum of 90 days interval, except for those cases where there is good reason: deletion or modification of the data in case of violation of the law and data that are not usable for the reasons they were collected.